About the Supervisor and Town Board

The Supervisor is elected for a two-year term of office, is the Chief Administrator and Fiscal Officer of the Town of Lewisboro and presides at all meetings of the Town Board. The Town Board is the most important arm of town government consisting of the Supervisor and four councilmen/councilwomen (whose elected terms of office are four years and are normally staggered.) The Supervisor may appoint committees of Town Board members to aid the full Town Board.

The Board will hold regular meetings, on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the Town House or other meeting place in Lewisboro. The meetings are officiated by the Supervisor and must have a quorum of three. The Supervisor may call a special meeting of the Town Board on two (2) days notice.

As the Chief Fiscal Officer, the Supervisor is responsible for all fiscal matters and is to receive and have custody of all Town funds.

The Deputy Supervisor is appointed by the Supervisor and may perform all of the duties of the Supervisor during his absence or inability to act. The current Deputy Supervisor is Mary Shah.

The Supervisor, Town Board Members and staff are always available to help with concerns and questions regarding Town affairs.

Tony Gonçalves -914 763-3151 - supervisor [at] lewisborogov.com (supervisor)@lewisborogov.com

Andrea Rendo - arendo [at] lewisborogov.com

Mary Shah - mshah [at] lewisborogov.com

Richard Sklarin - rsklarin [at] lewisborogov.com

Daniel X. Welsh - dwelsh [at] lewisborogov.com