Buildings with a history in the Town of Lewisboro

Cyrus Russell Community House

Cyrus Russell Community House

The Community House was built in 1868 and served as a schoolhouse until 1941 when Lewisboro Elementary School opened. The building is named for Cyrus Russell who was born in Cross River on January 14, 1897, in a house built by his great-grandfather Gideon Reynolds. Cyrus Russell was educated in the Cross River schoolhouse, and after service in World War I, became Treasurer of the school district. He was elected Councilman in 1934 and went on to also serve the Town as Building Inspector, Town Clerk and Supervisor. When he retired in 1969, the Town Board voted to name the former schoolhouse in his honor.

Onatru Farm

Onatru (On-a-True) Farm:

Onatru Farmhouse and the 147 acres surrounding it was the generous gift of Alice Lane Poor to the people of the Town of Lewisboro.

The original farmhouse was enlarged by Mrs. Poor's father after he purchased the farm in 1904. Mr. Lane ran Onatru as a working farm, growing crops and maintaining dairy cattle, chicken, pigs, goats, etc.

Throughout the years, Mrs. Poor and her family held a great love for the Town of Lewisboro. Mrs. Poor is remembered by many for her involvement in church, civic and Town of Lewisboro organizations.

In 1962, Mrs. Poor donated 27 acres of land on Elmwood Road opposite the farmhouse to be used by local scouts. The land is now known as the Onatru Reservation. In 1973, she donated 40 acres of land on the easterly boundary of the farm for wildlife preservation. The area is now known as the Alice Lane Poor Wildlife Preserve. The remainder of the farm and all buildings were donated to the Town in 1978