General Information

The Building Department oversees all building construction in the Town, is responsible for enforcement of the Town Code and performs fire inspections on businesses and multi-family dwellings.

When are building permits required?

A building permit shall be required for any work which must conform to the Uniform Code and/or Energy Code, including, but not limited to, the construction, alteration, removal, installation or replacement, relocation or demolition of any building or structure, including sheds, roofing, windows/doors, fireplaces/fireplace inserts, woodstoves, retaining walls, swimming pools, boundary walls and fences, signs, poles, radio masts, plumbing and electrical work as well as low voltage fire/security alarms, fire sprinklers/suppression systems and heating/cooling appliances, water heaters, HVAC ductwork, chimneys/flues, oil tanks and LP tanks.

How to submit a building permit application:

Permit applications may be submitted (1) of the following ways:

  • In person
  • By mail
  • Online via City Squared

Please see ‘Applications’ tab for more details.

When are inspection conducted?

All inspections are conducted from Mon - Fri., 10am -12:00 pm and 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Please give 1 to 2 days advanced notice for all inspections.

Should you have any questions regarding permit requirements for your construction projects, please contact us and we will be glad to advise you.